Yesterday, Thaiholics had its first online live group class and not only was it a great workout but it also gave us all a chance to see some of the faces we love and miss, giggle about the apocalyptic haircuts and share a moment of our collective isolation with one another for the first time in almost two weeks.

Although Kru Nic had set out even before lockdown started with online scheduled workouts via our website platform, getting everyone together for a live class was the next hurdle and look, it was barely even a hurdle with not even a hiccup (sure there was one loud cough) and the workout went off without a hitch.

Classes will be happening every Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of the lockdown period so keep an eye out for the Zoom meeting details, clock in with us and get your fix of exercise and maybe a quick minute of socialising while you're at it. See you there!