Nicholas "The Natural" Radley

Head Coach

Nicholas is the founder and head coach of Thaiholics Cape Town.  He is an active professional boxer and is the current South African Light Heavy Weight Champion. Nicholas has been training Muay Thai since 2004 (with a career spanning Muay Thai, K1, MMA and Boxing).  He now also focuses on teaching Traditional Muay Thai and K-1 from beginner to high level amateur as well as pro level out of Thaiholics.
Karl Bergemann

Weight: 91 kg
Height: 1.92 m
Am Record: 12(W) - 3(L)
Pro Record: 12(W) - 5(L)

    Bangla Stadium 90kg belt (2022)
    CFL Champion
    Get in the Ring #3 Champion
    South African K1 Champion (2013/2014/2015)
    SAKA Pro K1 Champion (WAKO) 

Rafel Wozniak

Weight:  63,5 kg / 67 kg 
Height:  1.73 m
Am record: 11(W) - 4(L)
Pro record: 7(W) - 8(L)

    63,5kg & 67kg CFL Champion
    South African K1 Champion (2015)
    Fight Factory Welterweight (69.85 kg) Pro Muay Thai Champion

Shane Deacon

Weight: 67 Kgs
Height: 1.87m
Am Record: 5(W) - 1(L) 

    WMO Pro-Am South African Super Welterweight Champion

Isghaack Ebrahim

Weight: 71 Kg
Height: 1.83m 
Am Record: 5(W) - 1(L) 

    WMO South African Pro-Am Middleweight Champion

Amy Visser

Weight: 70 kg 
Height: 1.76 m
Am Record: 6(W) - 2(L)

    South African K1 Champion (2015/2017)

Stacey Kensley

Weight:  52 kg 
Height:  1.59 m
Am Record: 3(W) - 3(L)
Pro Record: 1(W) - 0(L)

Mark Rose

Weight: 67 Kgs 
Height: 1.72m 
Am Record: 0(W) - 3(L) 

Brian Ncube

Weight: 61 kg
Height: 1.65 m
Am Record: 1(W) - 1(L)

George Thanathara

Weight: 67 kg
Height: 1.76 m
Am Record: 2(W) - 0(L)

Brendon Abrahams

Weight:  63,5 kg
Height:  1.67 m
Am Record: 2(W) - 3(L)

Anthony Black

Weight: 78 Kgs
Height: 1.89m
Am Record: 3(W) - 2(L) 

Johan van Schalkwyk

Weight: 82 Kgs
Height: 1.76m
Am Record: 2(W) - 0(L) - 1(D)

Richard Hazelden

Weight: 76 kg
Height: 1.80 m
Am Record: 1(W) - 0(L)

Renette Coetzee

Weight:  60 kg 
Height:  1.70 m
Am Record: 4(W) - 1(L)
Pro Record: 1(W) - 0(L)

Liam Samuels

Weight:  63,5 kg
Height:  1.70 m
Am Record: 2(W) - 1(L)